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Orphans are most vulnerable to being exploited and mistreated due to their lack of protection and finances. Many get sold off as cheap slave labour, or worse.  Most of them have no access to adequate housing, sanitation, food, clean water or an education. If you have not seen the situation with your own eyes it is hard to imagine the wretched conditions in which many children in Africa grow up. . Many of these children are adopted by relatives, whose financial means are insufficient to enable the children to be educated. Children without relatives mostly live on the streets.

In the wake of a disaster, whether of natural causes or man-made, it is essential that help and relief aid arrive as quickly as possible. This is important to ensure that survivors do not endure prolonged suffering and also to prevent outbreak of diseases due to unmanaged contamination. At onset of disaster, Lighthouse  works to provide immediate emergency assistance (Relief), then rehabilitate broken lives (Recovery), and eventually invest in long term development (Rebuild) of the community.





Lighthouse  believes that everyone should be able to access clean water. Lighthouse ’s water and sanitation programmes incorporate building infrastructure, improving sanitation and developing hygiene awareness. Also, more than half of the schools in rural Zimbabwe lack water and sanitation facilities.  As a result, students miss many days of school due to water and sanitation related illnesses. Girls are more likely to drop out of school when they do not have access to adequate latrines. Lighthouse is working hard to to improve the access of students in Zimbabwe to safe water and latrines at school

Education for the poor is not just a right. It is a route to survival. However, there are thousands of Zimbabwean children being forced to abandon education for the lack of school fees. We work to ensure that educational fees are paid, so these children and young adults can attend school.  More than 40 percent of Zimbabwean  students are unable to continue their education beyond primary school. Lighthouse provides scholarships based on merit and need. But scholarships alone cannot help students rise from extreme poverty. We provide a comprehensive education-to-employment program that prepares students for successful careers by developing their leadership and life skills capabilities.





Lighthouse provides assistance, support, and education to children and young adults in Sub-Saharan Africa affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We address the epidemic through a comprehensive program of prevention and treatment that also deals with poverty, promiscuity, warfare, and lack of education. Our prevention strategies include counseling and education,  risk-reduction workshops, and community awareness events. We recruit and train peer actors and educators, program coordinators, and outreach workers in cities and rural communities to conduct interventions. 

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